Bonus program

Last updated: 18. mars, 2020 - 9:35 am (GMT+1)

These are the terms of our bonus program. The purpose of the bonus program is to reward people who trade on the exchange through trade bonuses and other benefits.

Rates as of 18.03.2020

Bonus levelBonus rate
15% trade bonus

Trade Bonus

Every time you trade on the exchange you pay trading fees. Trade bonus is calculated based on the fees you pay. For example, if you have 5% in trade bonus rate and you pay 100 NOK for a trade, you will earn a 5 NOK bonus.

Trade bonus will be earned in the same currency as you sell, if you sell bitcoin you will earn a trade bonus in bitcoin. You can find an overview of how much you earned in the trade bonus on the bonus page.


Payment of trade bonus is made monthly. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a payout of the trade bonus you earned in the previous month. The payment will be made to your account with us. If you wish to make withdrawals from MiraiEx to your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet, our fees and withdrawal limits apply.

Bonus levels

Currently, all accounts with us have bonus level 1. We plan to introduce several different bonus levels based on how much you trade with us. We will provide more information on this when it is introduced.

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