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About Mirai Exchange

Mirai Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by FinTech company Mirai Technologies AS. The company was established in November 2017 with its headquarters located in Oslo, Norway.

The founders of the company have a background in programming with a focus on privacy and security, and they have been working in the blockchain-sphere since 2013. The company is working actively on open source project Anoncoin. Anoncoin is a cryptocurrency focusing on privacy created by one of the founders of Mirai Technologies AS in June 2013.

Anoncoin was the first and only crypto to support I2P at launch. This offers all users the opportunity to protect their privacy. Besides Anoncoin, the company is developing products and services using blockchain technology that can be used by consumers and businesses to build trust in technology.

Go to our contact page if you wish to get in touch with Mirai Exchange. You can also use the chat when logged in to reach our support team.