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Prices and fees

MiraiEx takes 0.5% fees on all transactions with fiat and cryptocurrencies on our exchanges. This includes buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing.

When depositing fiat it may take a few days until the funds are available for trading on the exchange. For deposits from Norwegian bank accounts, this usually takes maximum two days.

How many days this takes depends on which bank the money was sent from and which method was used to send the funds. At the current date, MiraiEx only supports deposits from Norwegian users. But we are currently working on a solution to allow deposits for our customers outside of Norway.

When depositing cryptocurrencies, we require a minimum six confirmations before the funds are available for trading at the exchange. This goes for all blockchain based cryptocurrencies. When it comes to coins using DAG-like architecture, we require that the majority of nodes accepts the transaction as valid before the funds are available.

Withdrawal of fiat currency has a cost of a 0.5% fee. Your bank may also charge a fee for converting NOK to your local currency like EUR or USD. Fees on withdrawal of cryptocurrencies depends on which currency you want to withdraw. You will be informed about the exact amount before you confirm a withdrawal.

Some countries have laws or regulations requiring reporting your cryptocurrency holdings to the authorities. MiraiEx does not take the responsibility of reporting this, the users themselves are responsible for this. We take no responsibility if users face fines or prison sentences due to not reporting correct information to the authorities.