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Last updated: 29. June 2018 – 1:30 pm (GMT+1)

This is a contract between you (“user”) and Mirai Technologies AS (“Company”, 919 932 465), a private limited company located in Norway. By creating an account on our Mirai Exchange service (“MiraiEx”) or other services related to our company, you confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy.

We reserve the right to change our terms at any time and will try to provide our users with a notice whenever possible. New services that require updating of our terms may be an example.

1 Introduction

1.1 Minimum user account requirements

To use our services, we require that our users are 18 years of age or older. A user account is personal and should therefore only be used by the owner who is registered. This is to protect ourselves and our users. If we find that a user account does not meet this requirement, the account will be closed immediately.

If your user account is closed due to this, please contact us at to transfer your cryptocurrency to another location you choose.

1.2 Standard Mirai Exchange Services

At Mirai Exchange, your cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero) will be added to one or more digital wallets that will only be linked to your account. We support the trade of cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies as well as the trade of fiat, like USD and NOK, for cryptocurrencies.

Since cryptocurrencies are not regulated, the company does not accept responsibility for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies which result in direct or indirect losses. The user is responsible for all of his choices and actions on our platform.

1.3 Security of user accounts.

The company is responsible for keeping your cryptocurrencies safe in our system. If a user account is hacked due to using a weak password, sharing a password or reusing a password, he can not demand compensation or sue the company for losses. The company is not responsible if this happens.

MiraiEx recommends that users use a new password that they have never used anywhere else. The preferred option is to use a password generator and save the password using a password manager such as KeePass, 1Password, Dashlane or LastPass. Please activate 2-factor-authentication to increase the security of your account.

1.4 Ownership of funds deposited in MiraiEx

Users who buy or sell cryptocurrencies guarantee that they own the values ​​deposited to MiraiEx. This goes for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency bank transfer. MiraiEx does not in any way support money laundering and will assist with the resources the company has available to find out the origin of the funds.

1.5 Termination of User Account

All users of MiraiEx have the right to have their account deleted from the system. If you have used the platform for trading we are required to keep your account data for a period of five years from when you last used the system. The account data will be deleted after this period of time. Any data that we are not required by law to store will be deleted upon request.

If the system detects that a user account is used in connection with illegal actions, money laundering or terrorist financing, the system will automatically lock down the user account. In case of gross violation, MiraiEx will reserve the right to report the deviation to the court in Norway.

Holdings of deposits or cryptocurrencies will not be seized by MiraiEx. Once the user account is released, MiraiEx will find a way to return the funds to the owner, unless the funds are seized by legal authorities.

MiraiEx reserves the right to terminate user accounts without notice or reason for breach of the terms of this agreement. If this happens, all cryptocurrencies will be transferred back to the owner as soon as possible.

2. Buying and selling currency

2.1 Handling of fiat

MiraiEx enables users to deposit fiat currency to our accounts so that they can buy cryptocurrencies through our exchange. The funds will stay in our company account until our users wish to sell their cryptocurrencies and withdraw the funds.

We can receive funds from all countries connected to the EU using SEPA, but it is only possible for Norwegians to transfer money to us directly from their Norwegian bank accounts. It is important that the user owns the account used to deposit money at the exchange. We may require valid proof that the account is owned by the user. Any form of fraud or attempt of fraud will be reported to Norwegian authorities.

Se our list of fees to find out how much transferring funds to us costs.

2.2 Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

MiraiEx takes a fee for every transaction. Users can see this every time they make a transaction on our exchange. When buying or selling cryptocurrencies the user accepts our terms of service. It is possible to change an order until it has been filled by a buyer or seller.

MiraiEx offers no refunds after a buy or sell order has been filled. We require confirmation before the order goes into our order book. We are not responsible for any losses.

See our list of fees for more information.

3. Digital wallets

3.1 Protection of wallets

The company is fully responsible for protecting wallets from all kinds of possible system failures and attacks from thieves. By having large portions of the cryptocurrency belonging to the company protected in a wallet outside the system with encryption keys in a so-called cold storage, users’ money is protected. This may lead to slower withdrawal time when the exchange is busy.

3.2 Transactions and transfer of cryptocurrencies

The user is responsible for entering the correct withdrawal address to the wallet of the recipient. At the moment the user has confirmed a withdrawal it will no longer be possible to change the destination address. MiraiEx cannot reverse a trade between users and will not offer users credit.

3.3 Incorrect deposit policy.

This policy applies to cross-chain deposits as well as deposits with incorrect or missing information. A cross-chain deposit is a deposit of one coin to a different coins address. This could be sending BTC to a BCH address, ETH to an ETC address, etc.

This policy also covers deposits with missing memos on currencies such as Monero, NXT, BitShares, Ripple, STEEM, or any others that rely on a message/memo/tag for crediting deposits.

MiraiEx will only attempt to recover deposits that exceed $1000 at the time of deposit. We will only do so if we are notified within 10 days of the deposit. Not all deposits can be recovered and the time frame of recovery is at our discretion.

We will not recover coins or tokens we do not support. Nor will we recover funds that were distributed as part of an ICO.

3.4 MiraiEx is responsible for users and authorities

MiraiEx cannot be held responsible by the user for loss of investment, profit, data or damage that may be due to technical errors, system failure, interrupted network connection, unforeseen events (such as natural disasters) or similar.

Despite this, MiraiEx will always work continuously to maintain quality services for our users. We can never guarantee 100% uptime, but if the accident occurs, we will try to keep all our channels up to date as soon as possible.

MiraiEx strives to comply with laws and regulations that apply to our services at any time. If there are new laws or regulations, our users will be informed of this.

MiraiEx operates in Norway and complies with Norwegian legislation and will, therefore, comply with the legal request from Norwegian authorities.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.